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  • "Where do you think you’re going?"
  • You’re not going anywhere.”
  • "You belong to me now."
  • "There, nice and tight."
  • "Shh, there’s no need to scream."
  • "There, that should keep you quiet."
  • "Why are you doing this?"
  • "Let me go!"
  • "Release me!"
  • "Help me!"
  • "Untie me!"
  • "Mmmph!"
  • "How are we supposed to get out of this?"
  • "Someone will come for me!"



          { ♚ ── The young man closed his eyes in reflex when he met the young woman’s gaze, waiting for a slap that never came as he felt that she sat down next to him. He let a light chuckle escape his lips, but he had to stop feeling the pain racing back up to his brain making him hiss in pain and he sigh. “They didn’t really give me a choice." He answered, knowing that wasn’t an excuse. "At least everyone got out of there fine, no dead and the police will find them quickly." He assured her in an optimistic tone.

Angrily, Lawko clenched her fists, concentrating her urge to hit the boy on them. After so much damage, he still had the guts to pretend it was nothing. He was really an idiot. That doesn’t mind now. You did it, whichever the reasons were. If you have died, how do you know your friends will feel? She groaned angrily. She wasn’t supposed to be there scolding him, or even caring about him. He was big enough to understand the situation by himself. By the way, after this stupid idea you had of becoming a human shield, your stomach got damages. You won’t be able to eat lots of things these days.

What historical figure do you think I could have been in a past life?



          {⚔} ── The revolutionary flinched when Lawko mentioned what she witnessed after Ace’s death, it wasn’t helping him to feel better about what he had stated earlier. His heart in his chest tighten while the surgeon finished to close the wound at the thought of imagining Luffy loosing his other brother again. He apologised, she kept doing her work, butting the bandage as she told him not to. A nervous chuckle escape Sabo’s lips, “Lots of dead people have their reasons and it’s hardly comforting." Thus, some now dead would probably wait for other to gave them their own reason on why they act that way or such. Good or bad, it wasn’t going to lift the worries or hurt. No one could re-write history with if, people act, make choices and bear in mind some consequences.

It wouldn’t change anything though. “Thank you for taking care of that." He said when Lawko was finished with him, stretching his body a little, a hiss of pain escaping his lips. 

Lawko examined the reactions in the face of the blond man. She tried not to laugh. Her sharp mouth sure hit where it hurt. She crossed her legs and sat next to Sabo, srill looking around in case she missed any wound. If they weren’t dead, for sure they would tell you only foolish words that would mislead you.She replied coldly. A twitch appeared on her eye. She didn’t want to admit it, but she used to be one of those. Too idiot of herself. And that was what led her to the death of someone important to her.

She shook her head, trying to forget about it. It’s my job, after all. And I needed to practise a little after spending so much time with my never-sick crewmates.



"…." shut up she did. But she still looked majorly confused. Baby?


Lawko gave the girl one last glare and sighed.Well, what I say is that I shared things with you because I trusted you, but I see you’re nothing but a little bitch.




Anónimo whispered: Kishishishishi!

Oh, not that shadow asshole again…

"But I didn’t do anythings." this time.

Can you please shut up? You’ll wake up the baby!

doffyscutelittlesubordinate whispered: “Stop yelling at me.”

I will stop doing it, when you stop backstabbing me!

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"Are we really doing this?"
“Are you doing this to upset me?”
“Friends don’t look at each other like that.”
“Give me a chance.”
“I am not doing that.”
“I can prove you wrong.”
“I can show you the world.”
“I did a bad thing.”
“I don’t want to love you, but I do.”
“I missed you.”
“I regret last night.”
“I think we can pull through.”
“I think you need to get in my bed. Now.”
“I thought you were gone forever.”
“I want you naked. Now.”
“I’m a bad person.”
“I’m breaking up with you.”
“I’m not who you think I am.”
“I’m pregnant.”
“If you and I were the only two people alive on the planet, I still wouldn’t have sex you.”
“Marry me?”
“Please, don’t do this.”
“Stop yelling at me.”
“That outfit would look better on my bedroom floor.”
“There is no one I hate more than you.”
“This is not fair.”
“This is not the time nor place.”
“We are not getting a pet.”
“We can’t do this anymore.”
“What are you doing?”
“Who do you think you are?”
“Why are you doing this to me?”
“Why aren’t you answering my calls?”
“You shouldn’t have done that.”
“You’ll regret this.”
“You’re being inappropriate.”
“You’re the one person I actually trust.”